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Here are 1/100th scale paper models of Monticello and Poplar Forest designed from the measured plans made during the government’s 1992 Historic American Buildings Survey. Not just another card paper kit, these architectural quality models are the most accurate representation of Thomas Jefferson’s homes available. Whether you are an architect, a student interested in colonial history, or a huge Thomas Jefferson fan (like myself) you’ll enjoy building this faithful representation of Monticello, America’s most famous private home--the only one to qualify as a World Heritage Site, and Jefferson’s retreat, Poplar Forest.

The model includes four sheets for the 15-inch-
square base, and 14 sheets with 78 pieces to be
cut, folded and glued. When completed, you’ll
have a museum-quality Monticello and a much
better appreciation for Jefferson’s architectural 

Download the design and print it at home on 
thick card stock available at office supply
stores. If you are printer-challenged, email me
to ask about getting a printed copy by mail.

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2007-  R. Anderson

We also have a paper model of Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, which he designed after much experimentation with Monticello. As the demands of life at Monticello grew, Jefferson built the home as a quiet retreat. With a simple octagonal floor plan, it represents Jefferson’s Palladian ideal. Recently, the home has been beautifully restored and is now a tourist destination near Lynchburg, Virginia. For more information on this model click on the links to it in the menu bar above.